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Welcome to the Texas Civil Courts Guide. This program is designed to help you find the proper court to file a case in civil, consumer, family, injury, probate, and property matters. This is a free service provided as a part of Texas Law Help.org. This feature was developed by The Office of Court Administration, Texas Legal Services Center and Pro Bono Net.

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Please read the following instructions and disclaimers carefully.

  • This program has been prepared for general information purposes only.
  • The information on this web site is not legal advice.
  • This website deals only with civil, consumer, family, injury, probate, and property matters.
  • This website does not deal with criminal matters, bankruptcy, or administrative matters (examples: Social Security Disability, Medicare/Medicaid, Unemployment).
  • There is no reliable substitute for qualified legal advice from a licensed attorney.
  • There are no forms available on the Texas Civil Courts Directory.
  • You can search for forms by using the Search option on Texas Law Help. If you are looking for divorce forms please click here.
  • If your court search produces multiple results, it is best to contact each court clerk listed to determine where to file your case.
  • Not all cases are supposed to be filed where you live. Determining proper venue is the process of identifying which county or judicial district is the correct one to file your case in.
  • If you need help determining what county your case should be filed in, there may be a legal services provider in your area who can help guide you. Please click here to search for legal aid providers.
  • This website does not tell you which venue is correct for your case.
  • For information on court closures in your area, click here.
  • For a list of terms and definitions click here.